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Frank Beckmann @ Jan 17th

Michael is speaking to Frank Beckmann live at the Detroit Auto Show Tuesday January 17th Learn More  

Federalist Society U of Michigan Law School @ Jan 17th @ 11:50AM

Michael is presenting at the Federalist Society – University of Michigan: Cybersecurity and Agency Review: Litigating the FTC’s Administrative Overreach Room HH250 at 11:50AM Jan 17th Lunch provided
Feb 29th

Bill Martinez @ Jan 11th @ 10:05AM

Michael will be talking to Bill Martinez Jan 11th @ 10:05 AM for 10 minutes TOPIC: Assange Says ‘Nyet’ To Russian Involvement, Says Obama Trying To Delegitimize Trump Learn More

Dr. Alfred Bonati @ Jan 20th @ 12:45PM

Michael will be talking to Dr. Alfred Bonati Jan 20th @ 12:45 AM for 15 minutes TOPIC: Obamacare Learn More

Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.


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