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26 Dec Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast, Episode #94: An Interview with Mike Daugherty

The STEPTOE CYBERLAW PODCAST talked about in last week’s post is now live and a great listen!

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With Wyndham’s surrender to the FTC after a brutal court of appeals opinion, the last outpost of resistance to the FTC’s cybersecurity agenda is Mike Daugherty, CEO of LabMD.  Daugherty refused to take the easy road and enter into a consent decree with the FTC to settle its claim that the company’s security was insufficient because of a file-sharing program installed on the corporate network.  That decision has cost Daugherty his company.  LabMD has ceased operations.  And it took him on an extraordinary odyssey through Washington that he has described in his book, The Devil Inside the Beltway, and in several speeches.  I caught up with Mike at the Black Hat Executive Summit where we were both speakers, and he kindly agreed to a short interview describing some of that odyssey.

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04 Dec When the FTC Attacks…

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I interview Mike Daugherty – author of The Devil Inside the Beltway live from the Security Advisor Alliance first-ever Summit in Dallas, TX. Mike was kind enough to sit down with me (twice, thanks to a tech failure) and tell his absolutely surreal story of what happened to him, his company at the hands of what can only be described as an insane situation.

If you own a business, or manage a business, or work in enterprise — you need to hear Mike’s story. If it wasn’t documented and video recorded, you’d never believe it’s true.

Truth be told, I’ve been a supporter of the FTC as an advocate for the victims of breaches – the person who’s information is stolen. After hearing Mike’s story… I have had my mind completely changed.

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03 Dec CDT Tech Talk – Limewire, LabMD & the FTC


Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with Michael Daugherty to discuss in-depth his recent court win against the Federal Trade Commission, how the long-term experience turned into his recent book “The Devil Inside The Beltway,” and more. The issue at hand raises questions about the agency’s ability to protect consumers against risky business practices that have not yet led to actual harm.

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23 Aug Michael appearing on CBN News

Michael recently appeared on CBN News to discuss hacking. See the click on Michael on the broadcast below.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans will soon get letters from the IRS and it’s not good news.

The agency will be informing more than 330,000 people that their accounts may have been hacked.

Cyber security expert Michael Daugherty told CBN News there’s not much you can do to protect yourself once the government has your information.

The problem is most of the danger is where you have already sent your information — the government,” he said. “Big medical facilities, banks, financial.”

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