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Suggestions for speech topics:
1. How the regulatory agencies really work…fear, threats, and other dirty tactics.
2. Cybersecurity – Whatever you are doing, it isn’t good enough.
3. Your Best employee can unwittingly turn into your Worst Enemy
4. Silent Trio – Government Lawyers, big corporate, and government agencies.
5. How congress has eliminated the separation of powers…NEWSFLASH: you have no rights
6. From separate fingers to a pounding fist…the not so big secret inside Washington DC
7. Don’t assume your lawyers knows what to do with the FEDS.
8. Why big corporations don’t want the regulatory animal to change.
9. The FTC is so busy: Playing Prosecutor, Judge and Jury all at the same time.
10. Hello Congress, it’s me the little guy….are you listening?
11. How the FTC really does business…and it will scare you to death.
12. Entering the Haunted House: What it is like to be under government investigation
13. How government bureaucracy compromises the cyber safety of America
14. Hello Healthcare, my name is Section 5 and I am here to keep you guessing
15. The long slog up Justice Mountain: How objecting to injustice will drain your coffers
16. Is there a Doctor in the House? How bureaucrats creep into practicing medicine without medical training.

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