19 Mar Exclusive: DOJ probes allegations that Tiversa lied to FTC about data breaches

Things are finally starting to break through. This is the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned.

Originally posted Thursday March 17th on Reuters

Federal agents are investigating whether cyber-security firm Tiversa gave the government falsified information about data breaches at companies that declined to purchase its data protection services, according to three people with direct knowledge of the inquiry.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided Tiversa’s Pittsburgh headquarters in early March and seized documents, the people said.

The Justice Department’s criminal investigation of Tiversa began after Richard Wallace, a former Tiversa employee, alleged in a 2015 Federal Trade Commission hearing that the cybersecurity firm gave the agency doctored evidence purporting to prove corporate data breaches, the people said.

Wallace testified that Tiversa falsified information to make it appear that sensitive data was being accessed by users across the country.

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12 Nov Will Obama Sign a Cyber Security Executive Order Despite the Risk?


Obama pulled it out. So what is in store for cyber security?

Will Obama now use the executive order to control the internet? There certainly is a love of regulation in the Obama administration. They believe regulation is a solution. They also might not have won had it not been for their great use of technology in executing the ground game.

SOPA. The mere acronym for the Stop Online Piracy Act causes citizens and legislators to shudder. The typically pro-Obama tech crowd turns red with anti-regulation fever when you talk about controlling the internet.  Suddenly big government is terrible when the cheese being moved involves an iPad.

The “executive order” (see circumventing Congress) template that was leaked seems to be a soft ball proposal. It looks like pretty window dressing, but it doesn’t really solve the problem. If Obama signs an executive order, he can only blame himself for the repercussions. While he is a master at dancing around accountability and there are no more elections for him, this involves his “base” in a major way, so I wonder if he will turn the screws.

His cabinet is filled to the brim with big government lovers that think Washington is the center of the universe. Having a politician regulate your internet freedom has become one touchy subject. It looks good on paper as long as somebody else is involved. Once your boat is rocked and the shoe goes on the other foot, the argument seems to tilt right of center. Classic.

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