Closing Argument: The FTC dismisses their behavior as irrelevant

28 Sep Closing Argument: The FTC dismisses their behavior as irrelevant


On September 16, 2015, closing arguments were held in FTC Administrative court in Washington, DC.

This is the court Congress created over a century ago. They allowed this court to be subject to FTC rules. Rules that are stacked way in the FTC’s favor. And because Congress created the beast there is very little the courts can do about what goes down here.

When you read the transcript you will immediately note the judge going after the FTC. You’ll note his frustration as he grapples with the fact that the FTC argues that their behavior before they sued LabMD is irrelevant.

Working with thieves, not cooperating with a congressional investigation, not verifying evidence, refusing to tell the court or the world what standards and rules exist for cybersecurity compliance, destroying a medical facility, allowing hearsay, recusing a commissioner, speaking to the press, knowingly relying on tainted evidence and still moving forward, and helping create a third party shell company to deceive the public….none of this matters.

At least until they want to use some of it to lie about LabMD.

And because they write the rules, stack the deck, and lie to win….they just might just get away with it. Morality and truth isn’t on the table here. Only shredded reality. Please think hard if this is who you want our government regulating cybersecurity.

The FTC IS CHOCKED FULL OF LAWYERS who don’t care what carnage they wreak on the backs of consumers.

Our cyberdefences are way down and that’s due to their bully idiocy.  Enjoy the show…but their tactics will not create a safer world.

May 5, 2015 PUBLIC Final Trial Transcript

Michael Daugherty

Michael Daugherty is President & CEO of LabMD, an Atlanta-based clinical and anatomic medical laboratory with a national client base. Mike founded LabMD in 1996 after 14 years in surgical device sales with U.S. Surgical Corp. and Mentor Corporation. Outside of LabMD, enjoys playing tennis, travel, and flying his Cirrus SR22 Turbo single engine aircraft.