Government has cyber security in wrong hands

18 Sep Government has cyber security in wrong hands

Michael was recently quote in The T and See an excerpt below:

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Retail giants aren’t the only target of hackers who infiltrate computer systems to gain access to sensitive information.

The federal government also falls victim, such as recently when the Obama administration revealed that 21.5 million people were affected by a breach at the Office of Personnel Management.

Social Security numbers and other records were stolen, and likely anyone given a government background check in the last 15 years was affected.

That’s disturbing, both because it happened and because of the ease with which the hackers were able to circumvent government security measures, cyber security expert Michael J. Daugherty says.

“The government is quick to criticize security breaches and weaknesses in the private sector, but isn’t able to shore up its own weaknesses,” says Daugherty, author of the book “The Devil Inside the Beltway: The Shocking Expose of the U.S. Government’s Surveillance and Overreach into Cybersecurity, Medicine and Small Business” (


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Michael Daugherty

Michael Daugherty is President & CEO of LabMD, an Atlanta-based clinical and anatomic medical laboratory with a national client base. Mike founded LabMD in 1996 after 14 years in surgical device sales with U.S. Surgical Corp. and Mentor Corporation. Outside of LabMD, enjoys playing tennis, travel, and flying his Cirrus SR22 Turbo single engine aircraft.