Had I Cracked the Case? Episode 4: The Devil Inside the Beltway

04 Oct Had I Cracked the Case? Episode 4: The Devil Inside the Beltway

Welcome back to the video series, The Devil Inside the Beltway.

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This week is Episode 4: The Conspiracy. Had I Cracked the Case.

“When I came back from D.C. I realized that the only one who was going to come to the rescue of my company (LabMD) was me. Had I cracked the case?”
Episode Four of an eight part saga based on the book by Michael J. Daugherty, The Devil Inside the Beltway – The Shocking Exposé of the US Government’s Surveillance and Overreach into Cybersecurity, Medicine and Small Business.




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Michael Daugherty

Michael Daugherty is President & CEO of LabMD, an Atlanta-based clinical and anatomic medical laboratory with a national client base. Mike founded LabMD in 1996 after 14 years in surgical device sales with U.S. Surgical Corp. and Mentor Corporation. Outside of LabMD, enjoys playing tennis, travel, and flying his Cirrus SR22 Turbo single engine aircraft.