Upcoming Media Appearances

2014 Appearances:

The Dana Roc Show – January 8
The Vernuccio/Allison Report – January 11
The Heritage Foundation – January 30
Infowarcon – Date TBA
PorcFest June 27
Middle Georgia Republican Women – September 2
The Vinnie Penn Project – Sept 19th
The Bill Meyer Show – Sept 19th
Paster Greg Young – Sept 23rd
The Cindy Graves Show – Sept 23rd
Barry Chamish – Sept 23rd
The Bill Meyer Show – Sept 24th
The Tom Roten Morning Show – Sept 26th
The Rick Wiles Show – Sept 26th
Tron Show – Sept 29th
The Cindy Graves Show – Oct 1st
Stacy Harp – Active Christian Media – Oct 1st
Rod Arquette Show – Oct 1st
Decatur Radio with Tara Nickerson – Oct 2nd
Bill Martinez Live – Oct 7th
Lanny James on KMLB – Oct 8th
Ken Hudnall Show – Oct 9th
The Rick Amato Show – Oct 10th
The Tom Bernard Show – Oct 13th
Jason Hartman on Solomon Success – Oct 13th
The Edward Woodson Show – Oct 14th
The Bruce Collins Show – Oct 14th
Federalist Society San Francisco  October 14, 2014  5:30 pm
Independence Institute, Denver, CO – October 15
The Tron Simpson Show – Oct 16th
Defcon Conference – Oct 18th
The Tom Roten Morning Show – Oct 21st 
The Tony Powers Show – Oct 23rd
The Bruce Collins Show – Oct 27th 
Dr Michio Kaku – Oct 28th
Peter Boyles – Oct 29th
Fort Wayne Morning News with Charly Butcher – Oct 29th
The Cindy Graves Show – Oct 30th
Pastor Greg Young – Nov 4th 
The Kevin Cook Show – Nov 4th
Tom Sipos – Nov 14th
Wake up with Randy Corporon  – Nov 14th
Hal Ginsberg – Nov 14th (click to listen below)

Eastern Iowa Morning Show with Doug Wagner – Nov 14th
Bonati Institute – American Medicine Today – Nov 14th
Gary S. Goldman – Gary on the Radio – Nov 29th
Eric B  on Para X Radio Network – Dec 10th



2013 Appearances:

The Michael Dresser Show – December 19 [Listen]
Bloomberg Radio – November 12
Bloomberg TV – October 31 [Watch]
Coffee and Markets – October 30 [Listen]
Bloomberg Radio – October 28 [Listen]
The Ben Ferguson Show – October 27 [Listen]