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A riveting non-fiction political thriller, The Devil Inside the Beltway is a modern day “David vs. Goliath” story of a medical laboratory taking on big government; a stinging indictment of the US Government’s surveillance of small business & overreach into cybersecurity & medicine. Michael J. Daugherty, President & CEO of the targeted company, gives a gripping account of how medical files taken by a private security firm funded by the US government, led to an American business’s fight for survival.


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The Devil Inside the Beltway (made with Spreaker)

The Devil Inside the Beltway: The Shocking Expose’ of the Govt’s Surveillance and Overreach into Cybersecurity, Medicine and Small Business.

Guest: Michael J. Daugherty
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House Oversight Committee Testimony by Michael J Daugherty

Published on Jul 27, 2014

Michael J Daugherty, CEO, LabMD, was asked to testify in front of the House of Representative’s Committee on Oversight and Government Reform regarding his experience with the FTC and a company called Tiversa.


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FTC Action Will Force A Congressional Investigation

Published on Jan 31, 2014


Mentioning the debilitating impacts of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) investigative techniques and judicial proceedings, Leader and CEO Erika J. Daugherty declares he is pushed to wind down operations at his Atlanta, GA, medical institution, LabMD.

The consequences of the actions will undoubtedly be experienced throughout the medical community, from LabMD’s workers to the doctors and their individuals who use the service. Daugherty laments that LabMD may be hampered in its assignment to supply the excellent medical care and reputable investigations it has supplied to its customers for nearly two decades.

LabMD’s wind down is mostly because of the Federal Trade Commission’s misuse of power. Pursuing a four year study of LabMD, the Federal Trade Commission filed a management match claiming LabMD’s individual tips info protection was an “unfair” commerce exercise. Missing any proven or even info protection specifications; missing Congressional approval to control data security techniques; absent a customer casualty from any supposed LabMD protection violation; all without alleging that LabMD violated HIPAA privacy laws, the FTC has invested untold citizen bucks investigating LabMD, ruining occupations and usurping power over individual advice from the U.S. Department of Wellness and Human Solutions. That is why on Nov 15, 2013, Trigger of Action, an authorities accountability team, sued the FTC on behalf of LabMD in an attempt to put an end to the bureau’s haphazard and egregious utilization of power in the executive fit.

Beginning in 1996, LabMD specializes in investigation and investigation of blood, pee, and tissues specimens for cancers, microorganisms and tumor Included in the current of air down, LabMD has stopped taking new individuals for evaluation; nevertheless, it’ll keep on to satisfy the needs of its own present clients.

Mr. Daugherty wants to thank LabMD’s employees for their working devotion and for providing outstanding expert support to over 750,000 patients, consistently keeping the lab’s important work at the vanguard, actually beneath the discomfort of the previous four years of the Federal Trade Commission’s uncomfortable and detrimental techniques.

Michael J. Daugherty is President and Chief Executive of LabMD and composer of The Demon In the Beltway: The Shocking Expose of the U.S. Government’s Surveillance and Over-Reach in to Cyber security, Medication and Little Business.


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Why The Federal Trade Commission Is Next Government Agency Scandal

Published on Jan 30, 2014

Every day the government conducts audits and investigations into the action of individuals and companies. Sometimes these are warranted; other times they are not. Who decides who to audit and investigate? The government. Who makes sure it is a sound, reasonable and necessary action before the dollars of millions of taxpayers are spent in those pursuits? No one. Not one person, not one organization.
The latest victim to this frivolous waste of resources and time is LabMD. President and CEO Michael J. Daugherty has announced that he has no choice but to wind down operations at his medical facility in Atlanta, GA. Why? Because the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been investigating the business for four exhaustive years and has filed an administrative suit about LabMD’s patient information data security.

The cause of this invasive investigation is unknown. There are not any established or uniform security data practices. No Congressional subcommittee has developed, presented, implemented or regulated data security practices. There is no consumer victim that has filed any type of complaint that there was a security breach or even a violation of HIPAA laws.

Is The Federal Trade Commission The Next Government Agency Scandal ?
Is the FTC the Next Scandal

This has all served to completely debilitate the company’s ability to function. In a press release announcing the wind down, Mr. Daugherty says “the effects of this action will be felt throughout the medical community, from LabMD’s employees to the physicians and their patients who utilize the facility. Daugherty laments that LabMD will be hampered in its mission to offer the excellent medical care and reliable diagnoses it has provided to its clients for almost 20 years.”

Established in 1996, LabMD specializes in analysis and diagnosis of blood, urine, and tissue specimens for cancers, micro-organisms and tumor markers. Due to the actions of the FTC, LabMD can no longer accept new specimens. It will do everything it can to continue helping current clients, despite the devastating impact on its loyal employees and partners.

The FTC has given all the appearances of usurping the power that should belong to the Department of Health and Human Services, who controls patient information in the United States. That is why on November 15, 2013, Cause of Action, a government accountability group, sued the FTC on behalf of LabMD in an effort to put an end to the agency’s arbitrary and egregious use of authority in the administrative suit.

It is time that the government meet the same standards and practices as the rest of the world, including letting its shareholders — the American people — have visibility on how it spends the money and resources collected through taxes.


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Michael J. Daugherty Speaks at the Heritage Foundation’s Blogger Brief

Published on Jul 19, 2013

7/9/13 Author Michael J. Daugherty speaks talks about his upcoming book, The Devil Inside the Beltway, his battle with the FTC, and what Congress needs to do to get government agencies in check


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Scottie Nell Hughes talks with author Michael J. Daugherty “The Devil Inside the Beltway”

Published on Sep 5, 2013

Scottie Nell Hughes talks with author Michael J. Daugherty “The Devil Inside the Beltway”


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Interview with Michael Daugherty Author of “The Devil Inside The Beltway”


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