Snowden seems to have Obama snowed in…for now…until the dictators are done brain draining Snowden.

03 Jul Snowden seems to have Obama snowed in…for now…until the dictators are done brain draining Snowden.

Yes we scan obama joke


Life sure keeps surprising me. I have been writing a book about government surveillance and overreach since early 2012 and Snowden takes over the media headlines about government surveillance and overreach. What interesting timing.

The world just rolls their eyes at the United States. Despots love to have their ass kissed.  They immediately associate the ass kisser is muscle bound, right? Wrong. This is a kindergarten school yard lesson that should have been learned long ago, not one for the world stage. It is way past time to wake up and leave never never land.

Nothing is more important to Barack Obama, as it is with most second term presidents, than his narcissistic historical image…NOTHING. Of course, now that he has been spit in the eye by Putin, ignored by China, dismissed in Africa (except he did stop to meet George and Laura Bush), and had his privacy pants pulled down  by Assange, he has only one way left to project the illusion that he is a leader in control. That would be to play the “no biggie” card.

The “oh well, let’s forget this” trick has been played sooooo many times by the White House you can feel the temperature in the press room rise due to the collective yawn. Let’s forget…Benghazi…let’s forget…James Rosen…let’s forget…the IRS…let’s forget…rising energy prices…let’s remember that is still George Bush’s fault.

Still, President Pied Piper still has plenty of followers skipping down the lane thinking he is just great. That is much easier than the painful trip to “I guess I was wrong” avenue.  Selective perception, memory loss, and narcissism are still in abundant supply in this country. But many of us do have accurate perceptions, our memories are fine, and we demand a leader, not a flute player.

You built it, Mr. President. Now own it, adjust your game plan, grow a pair, and lead us out of this mess. If you want the image in your historical mirror to be pretty you better make some changes. You won’t be able to spin history like you do every day events.  You are running out of time. We are running out of patience.

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