What is really going on when a government agency comes knocking on your door? [Part 1]

08 May What is really going on when a government agency comes knocking on your door? [Part 1]

Oh what I know now that I wish I knew back in 2008. Allow me to sum it up.

If a government agency comes a knockin’ at your door, don’t answer it. Make them work work, work, work for it. If they are in your space, trust me, they already think you are guilty. They are just checking off their “formality” list before they knock you on your ass.

Here’s how they do it.

Stage one: Congress creates a government agency to run out and save the world.

These congressional offspring give themselves self-righteous titles that imply you are a heartless villain and the justification for their existence if you disagree with them. Agencies love to play good cop vs. bad guy. In their theater the only role left for you to play is villain.

Among their favorite Oscar winning roles:

Protector of the environment
Protector of the consumer
Protector of the internet (currently playing in DC as we speak)What is really going on when a government agency comes knocking on your door? [Part 1]
Protector of the patient
Protector of the borders

Stage two:  Chock the departments full of lawyers and zealots that have rarely, if ever, worked in the worlds they regulate. This is the main reason they believe their own crap. Sort of like thinking you know everything about France because you have read about it but have never actually been there. They dig around in their sandbox for someone they can make an example of.  They don’t have the resources or time to go after everyone they think is guilty. In their minds that would be everyone. They use the terrible stench of fear to scare those they don’t attack.

In my next post I’ll finish stages 3-5 and address how they handle the victims and those who dare to fight back!


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