What is Really Going on When a Government Agency Comes Knocking on Your Door? (Part 2)

11 Jun What is Really Going on When a Government Agency Comes Knocking on Your Door? (Part 2)

picking right back up where I left off in my last post…

Stage three: Find their favorite “violator”.Michael J. Daugherty What to do when a Government agency comes knocking at your door

There are typically two types of victims; those too vulnerable to fight back or those so big they will sign whatever the Feds want just to make them go away. Don’t play along and the Feds will start their slow burn of consuming your time and money. Most of the time big corporations can withstand the assault on their reputation, so they take the hit and roll over. (Justice, truth, fairness?…..oh grow up)

The Feds rarely want to go to court because they may lose. The corporations don’t want to battle the bottomless pit of taxpayer money that the Feds will waste.  Nor are they keen to lose their focus on their responsibilities to customers and shareholders.  This rationalizes a settlement where “they admit no wrongdoing”. The world will forget. The experience is chalked up to bad luck and the cost of doing business. The Feds get to take the bone to Congress and their bosses pretending they actually achieved something. Everyone goes on their merry way in this latest episode of “Short Attention Span Theater”.  There are rarely trials or outside parties giving objective opinion of these shenanigans.

Once the government actors get all puffed up with their entitled superiority of saviors of the world, they know no shame. Their sense of justice numbed ages before, they start picking on the small and vulnerable. Their path of destruction goes hidden as many are left for dead, but occasionally a small champion will survive, stand up, and say no. The EPA had their typical day as professional bully on brief display when the Supreme Court slapped them down 9-0 when they picked on and destroyed an Idaho couple. See this video on Obama’s corrupt EPA

Stage Four:  Killing the few survivors that dare fight back.

The narcissists that fill our agencies are very threatened by the very idea of their balloon of superiority being popped when anyone dares challenge them.  They will go in for the kill just to squash anyone else from getting the same idea. Perversely, they find these little people with nerve almost cute. The case itself becomes irrelevant. Now we are talking their keeping their stick as big as they want it to be, so the Feds become hell bent on showing the world what they do to people that have the gall to stand up to them. Yes, it is a steep mountain to justice when fighting the Feds. They do everything they can to keep you inside their agency, and Congress and the Judiciary enable these torture tactics. You might as well check off every internal administrative appeal and objection as a requirement to go through before the Judicial system will pay attention to you. After all, they may be different branches of government, but they are all part of the same team.

Once you have gotten to the courts, assuming you won the lottery and got a decent judge, you may have a chance. The price of getting to this point in the game is probably no less than a quarter of a million dollars. Take a breath. You are still in the fifth inning.

Now the game has changed from “Your unlucky number has been pulled for an inquiry” to “The Constitution is only for high school civics class”.  The Feds will continue to drain you dry all the way to the Supreme Court. By this point, few salmon survive the swim this far upstream.

Stage Five: The rare champion that stands victorious gets forgotten.

Should you win the game after years of running in the US Government marathon you can expect one final strategy from our overreaching team of zombies: Ignore the messenger. Their delicate egos unable to comprehend the utter fraud of their life’s mission, they will wall off any memory of your existence and return to stone silence. Lawyers will come and go, join a DC law firm, keep the silence, and new spawns of academia will enter the system to continue their miles wide and inch deep mission. Bone chilling.

This won’t stop until we realize that power mongering is neither a corporate condition nor a government condition. It is a human condition. The founding fathers knew that. Do we?


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